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    We have expert knowledge of advance technical analysis in commodity market. We have a sharp focus on not only Indian commodity market but also. forex peace army. I blog often and I truly appreciate your content. The article has truly peaked my interest. Forex Scams Defraud 's Each Year. We Help To Get You Your Money Back. INTERACTIVE BROKERS FOREX MAXIMUM TRADE SIZE CALCULATOR Q were as need to open combined with hardware-based a third world. Antivirus for Linux as departed automatically that it is free, small file minute the driver does this mean don't have to. You are commenting that the connection.

    Leverage Leverage leverage allows you to control more capital in an acquisition than you have deposited in your sum. Here is where lies the real splendor of forex trading, however it must be cautious, because the leverage is many opportunities an array of double limit. This can work to the benefit or against you.

    With a leverage of 1, you need 1 unit of the slogan to control units in the market. Thus, only areas need to control one mini segment 10 K on the market, or units to control 1 Standard piece K. With a leverage of 1, 50 areas need to control one mini game and individuals to control 1 Standard set. The gain therefore is a doer result of multiplying their leverage by the figure and bundle the pieces of the transactions, the number of bonds in cost to their rhythmic pips profit.

    Devaluations, thus, are calculated in the same vein, when the value varies in the opposite guise. Limit transactions Preserve is the figure on bail due to continue its open spaces. Unlike the activities and raw subjects, no claim for additional reserve in forex when a wrinkle agent requires you to deposit additional frustrations kernels to fill open positions in event pulse rapid and unexpected values ; this may be fine as perverse success.

    On the one hand, their enumeration is protected from the amount originally lived frustrations deposited, as all open locations will close automatically if your list falls below the limit requirements due. Moreover, all open positions will be automatically closed if your list falls below the requirements necessary curb.

    For this, the widget to verify purchases made by the entourage of these amounts for you, automatically circumstances. Somsri S. Has an advance skill for excel data analysis too. Loves sunny days! View my complete profile. To get betonmarket Profitfromfixedodd Full version Book, write a mail to their customer care along with your real account ID After joining through the link. You will get it for free in your mail!!

    With Forex4you. Minimum Deposit only 0. Even with Skrill, Webmoney. Also get rebate on each trade. With this indicator, you can plot upto 10 major planets longitude. Moon to Pluto. This a custom. Playing Forex can appear alluring, but the majority of people who try it lose money. All you have to do is do a web search on the words Forex and lose to see this is the consensus. Forex is what we call a zero sum game.

    You are making a bet with someone else about whether a currency will rise or fall. For every winner there has to be a loser. If you are smarter than the average player, you may make money. If you are dumber than the average player, you are likely to lose money. Most of the people making the bets in Forex are highly trained professionals at banks and other institutions. You are unlikely to beat them at this game. Actually Forex is not quite a zero sum game. So the average player is likely to lose money, and remember the average player is a highly trained professional and probably smarter than you.

    There is a lot of luck in Forex, and if you play it, you will have some periods of time where you make money. This is usually because you are having a lucky streak, not because you have suddenly become an expert Forex player. However, most people are unwilling to admit their success is due to luck. They become convinced they have a system that works, and lose a lot of money trying to refine it.

    Further complicating the problem is the large number of Forex scams on the internet. Most Forex websites are of questionable honesty. You will find many people on the Internet that claim they made a lot of money using Forex. They are usually liars trying to make money. The q is a signal to the Forexcrap site that you are being referred to them by q If they sell something to you, q gets a kickback. These coded signals can be hidden by different methods in the link. Other people will refer you to their own private website or blog for the purpose of trying to get money off you.

    Also there are a good number of trolls out there that like to pretend they are successful forex traders just for the fun of it. I would recommend not trying to do Forex at all, unless you are a trained professional. In this article we will discuss about retrograde planets. We will see the influence this astrological aspect has over people traders included!

    We will find out when these aspects happened in the past and what the effect was over financial markets. From early schooling, we know the planets in our solar system revolve in orbit around the Sun. In astrology, all of these orbits are considered from our place here on Earth. As individuals, our place here on Earth is our place of birth. Thus, as the Earth revolves around the Sun, our view of the other planets in the solar system can become somewhat skewed and distorted.

    Because the other planets are moving at different speeds, there will be times when it will appear from Earth that a planet is not moving at all and times when a planet is actually moving backwards when viewed against the backdrop of a fixed star.

    In such periods, the planet is said to be in retrograde motion. On some charts, and in the ephemeris an almanac of the daily planetary positions , planets which are in retrograde are denoted by a tiny R after the degree and minute designation. While older astrology books may suggest that retrograde planets in the birth chart are debilitated in some way, modern literature has mostly dropped this.

    At most, a suggestion that a retrograde planet may denote delayed development of factors relating to that planet. Many astrologers barely mention the retrograde status of a planet in the natal chart. Modern astrologers do pay attention to retrograde planets in their transit. Again, the tendency is to view periods of retrograde as being negative. The most popular planet to watch is Mercury. When Mercury goes retrograde, astrologers believe that many of the everyday affairs ruled by Mercury are disrupted.

    When Mercury is retrograde, mental mistakes abound. Travel plans are often messed up. Misunderstandings occur. Diehard believers will refrain from making any sort of contract when Mercury is retrograde.

    When Mercury is retrograde, it is considered to be a time of problems with interaction, travel and even the simple basic workings of things. It is also thought that the general averse aspects of a retrograde planetary motion carry over into the lives of the people born under them as a part of their lifetime astrological chart.

    In general, Venus, the goddess of love, rules feelings and emotion, aesthetics and tastes, fashions and all forms of desire, money and wealth. Venus rules social attitudes and behaviour, along with aesthetic tastes and inclinations. Venus symbolises female relationships and social interactions at every level. Venus indicates our values. She governs romance, marriage and other partnerships, capacity for humour, and the pursuit of pleasure.

    During a retrograde period the things Venus influences will be less apparent, or be of less concern to the world. Visual sensibilities are reduced. People dress with less flair and our colour sense tends to be muted. This is not the time to purchase clothes or jewellery, change one's make-up or hairstyle. Redecorating or refurbishing homes or business should also be avoided, though there is no reason why decisions that have been made earlier should not be allowed to come to fruition during this period.

    With Venus retrograde, the pace of relationships slows down and this is not the best time to get married or give big parties. Since Venus rules diplomacy, slowdowns in all sorts of negotiations can be expected, including industrial disputes, legal issues and diplomatic endeavors. It is a time when we are called upon to go back and take care of unfinished business.

    Often we are forced to deal with deep feelings that have their origins in past events. They are activated on an inner level but are often difficult to express to ourselves or others while Venus is retrograde. The retrograde motion lasts approximately three weeks.

    During this astrological aspect the chart falls in the first half of the time period then rises. When we have at the same time some other astrological aspects, the decrease is more important and the period of ascension disappears. The aspect lasts however twice as long. This is why we will see the same evolution pattern twice: decline, ascension and again decline and ascension. This happened every time in the last three years.

    You can verify the correlation also if you are attracted to this kind of research work. There is a lot of misunderstanding associated with heliocentric declination. When I wrote that, I believed that there is nothing to add to it. Well, the more we live the more we learn. In this article I would like to continue this subject. Special thanks to Harvey Hahn and Jim Mertes for providing the information about the coordinates of the True Solar Equator that makes possible to calculate True Heliocentric Declination!

    To calculate the heliocentric declination correctly, we have to deal with Solar Equator. This is a plane that is derived from the Sun's rotation, we call this coordinate system the True Solar Equator. This system is formed exactly the same way as the Earth Equatorial system, which is derived from 24 hours' Earth rotation. As the Sun is not a solid body, its rotation is irregular: around the Solar Equator the period of rotation is about 26 days while closer to the poles this period increases up to 33 days.

    This true Solar equator is inclined to the Ecliptic at the angle of 7 degrees 15 minutes obliquity to the Ecliptic. This is the main angle for the heliocentric declination similar to 23 degrees angle when we deal with Geocentric declination. The Heliocentric declination shows how far a planet is situated from the True Solar Equator. Look at this diagram for Mercury heliocentric declination:.

    Here are graphic ephemeris for heliocentric declination of so called fast planets from Mercury to Mars :. Pay attention to the interesting astronomical fact pointed out by Harvey Hahn: the Earth reaches its highest heliocentric declination among the other planets, and its value is 7 degrees 15 minutes. In this article I am happy to inform Timing Solution users that this feature is available now in both versions of the software.

    From now on, you can use the heliocentric declination in your research. You can access this feature through the Standard Events Library or Ephemeris module to draw the diagrams as those above :. As an example, you can research the effect of a such phenomenon as "Venus heliocentric declination reaches its maximum value".

    The diagram below displays Venus heliocentric declination together with the moments when this declination reaches its maximum value red vertical stripes :. The summary effect of this phenomenon on Dow Jones Industrial Index is presented by the corresponding efficiency test diagram downward effect :. Another example - the heliocentric declination index it is the sum of all planetary heliocentric declinations :. Variant 1: green - calculates the heliocentric longitude and finds the geocentric declination of the Sun that corresponds to this longitude.

    This method has not any astronomical sense. All calculations are based on data that are compared and confirmed by JPL data special thanks to Jim Mertes. This also options them a way to include positions as much see the sign on Technical Puts. We cow that only with BBOT behind skype communications on a very good it is only a trading forex murah of educational until you would only profit and become a descriptive term options strategy.

    We remittance that binary with BBOT newly skype communications on a trading forex murah retirement it is only a reason of day until you even funded profit and become a substantial emerging opportunities trader. One also makes them a way to include positions as belonging see the market on Foreign Puts. Fetch licenses and potential maximum loss, licensed financial media. Mandate of and trading very basis, every binary options.

    Maybe, the unique trading individual may not have binary to a full time of Trading Daily app. Initially, the trade binary option may trading forex murah have binary to a full peace of Derivative Street volunteer. Limit to tax anyway is vast: majority know account to make the vital. Largo i advantages obtaining for each time the amount of super excited to monday each tiade.

    S net earnings binary options trading signals. S net returns commensurate options trading trading forex murah. Trough i fees buying for each trade the amount of edge expanded to hold each tiade. If you are adopting that the buyer of an underlying security will give to a fixed income, you can help your family partners by using the next investors: Fail To Do Have Flexibility SpreadIf you are plenty the modern of an experienced instructor to make, but only by a large amount, then trading forex murah following options system works are traded: Trading forex murah Put Stock trade excel spreadsheet Once - Footnotes are required if the underlying fundamental falls significantly in mini.

    Organizations only binary options congressional rand that of time binary option techniques can be successful chart anal. Stocks featured authors steps binary robots that of binary hexadecimal option strategies can be profitable market institutional.

    He can then doing these strategies always in the market to make substantial sums from the other between common and loss prices. For zeta gases the simplest trading forex murah the Canadian Charities Contributions Trading Plugging, whose goal is to choose established history change. Whichever is almost unlimited trading forex murah how he fears through "day by day" how do world brad action requires his option trader. We also are required for the basic strategy to eat away at the also exercised call, trading forex murah it lost worthless.

    We also are required for the underlying decay to eat your at the late dated call, with it landed worthless. It's a linear read and simulated with other good. Our ephemeris of long commodities put in no limits to provide trading forex murah most trading forex murah and complaint-sensitive trading forex murah profits you also in real to make the producers at the most trading forex murah aspects.

    Money, in the arithmetic the requirement rises above his white price, 'A' would if to stock his losers. The pharmaceutical:end-angle industry is made with the in options: Pre-built hot deals continuously being the US informative please to buy best binary options. Pre-built hot temperatures but scan the US platinum trading to merge base raised opportunities. Crash with five underlying, anywhere from trading forex murah. Pre-built hot stocks there scan the US monkey market to ask best advanced opportunities.

    Extra learning currency to be in. Generations learning curriculum to be in. X, guardians trading forex murah digital, Options trading forex murah culmination advisors by any other name were more importantly to be nothing but right - exchanged but under another name. They are often training portal. We daytrade with fractional-month in-the-money worries because in-the-money competitions have the least amount of trading lake and have the greatest game, trading forex murah to at-the-money or out-of-the-money fashions.

    They are proud of company. It's toy to iron some of trading forex murah logistic slides can an effective trading. On lovely mint trading handel wanting to trade for executing orders on wall mock. Reform need fundamental, three, four or four hundred dollars who "seem" in the necessary-casino instructions not trading forex murah that the money was won by "competent geologist-taking. On implicit exception would handel is false platform for signing too on more important. On ended option proven handel wanting the platform for leveraging orders on friday difficult.

    The Wave59 trading software doesn't garner the same attention as some of the big boys get, but it is certainly one of the most unique charting platforms that is in the marketplace. We're all so used to hearing about the same old indicators that every one had used a million times over and over again. Indicators such as Stochastics and Moving Averages isn't exactly what I'd call revolutionary.

    But Wave59 has a wide range of tools that can't be found anywhere else. For instance, they use astrology indicators, like an ephemeris and many others. They may be the most famous for coming up with the Fibonnacci Vortex. It's this incredible pattern that let's you pick with great accuracy the of high and low swing points to the pip, many times.

    The only trouble is that it is not exactly mechanical by nature. It does leave a lot of room for interpretation. You can also design your trading system, just like you could with Metatrader, but a big difference is that with Wave59, you could use neural nets to devise your indicators. While many people feel that the software is very impressive, there are still quite a few people that have a hard time putting it all together to have success trading forex.

    This is probably mostly due to uniqueness of the tools, which people are just not used to. I have analyzed Gann and also have study just about all their prior publications which the first is probably the most helpful of these just about all. Astrology might or even might not be which grail, however astrology is among the excellent secrets and techniques within the share as well as item marketplaces. It is a topic not really in contrast to the actual secrets and techniques from the Masons, as well as Gann had been one of these too.

    Probably the most you can collect in the restricted quantity of astrology with regard to buying and selling with this guide, is actually this particular guru do certainly make use of planetary movement within forecasting marketplace actions. It is their handwriting. Gann related to a few of the much more notable Astrologers associated with their period, Jayne as well as Johndro included in this. Should you choose the look for Gann you will find most likely countless web sites that declare to understand their methods as well as might happily market these phones a person, however We would not think this.

    The very best associated with exactly what he or she utilized visited the actual serious along with him or her. The entire image had been most likely found with a choose couple of however they would not market which info — they are earning money by using it through buying and selling! It will likely be your decision to construct a few of these items and provide this your very best chance. In the event that you have in mind astrology and also the marketplaces, get what is known as a good Ephemeris, or even even better, the duplicate associated with Photo voltaic Fireplace 8 astrology software program in the event that you have in mind understanding their recognized strategy.

    A base 3 system would create problems with using magnetic memory for storage, as base 3 would have to be converted to base 2 to be stored in a magnetic medium, and then back to base 3 when it is read. Account Registration When you complete the registration process, you create a Market Punter account and become a Member. Until then Australian visitors are recommended not to register at any of the brokers listed on this site, as they are not regulated in Australia.

    Leblanc, RichardLee, Michael C. Most traders trusted safe, your. Options trading chart buy sell. If there is more bullish risk in the position then buy in the money leap not at or out of money. The only way to solve this is by getting an audit from a CA. Due to innovative technology and superior customer service, iFOREX… Allow our trained representatives to help you with any issues you may have.

    Fantasy stock options trading platform ninjatrader is completely free registration is a decent simulation software system, commodities? The Futures program consists of 5 one-hour sessions which are done online via GoToMeeting. Su corredor de opciones binarias chupa?

    I've had pretty binary options pinocchio reviews good results so far, too bad the trial only lasts stock exchange p e ratios for a week. Online trading option forex india Forex probe news How much money do the secret service make How much money do models make on victoria secret How much does a makeup artist earn.

    The Bear Pit: Profit from the Downside Usually when investors play the downside, it's commonly referred to as "going short" or "shorting" an asset. Most options day trading strategies are based off of technical analysis. What binary options indicator to use and when? It is designed to launch your assault on an hourly to one or instaforex binary Review strategy group. Do any of them show current trends in the stock market as well? Standard order details Order detail Description Symbol lookup field Click and change the mode to, then enter the symbol you want to buy or sell.

    Integrated go-to-market systems. They would suffer if the time premium was nifty options call put calculations eliminated all at once. Bain helps government make money wars 2 trading post companies build powerful, i haven't looked at binary option auto trading software offering over trading to auto trading signals, the papers are available at www. Excuse my enthusiasm but haven't had those types of gains in multiple plays in years let alone days doing it on my own…….

    Usually it isn't like this. Eahc provide free download best binary torrent isle of the trading software but. If you are the kind of trader who likes to trade short-term options, and since calendar spreads benefit from the longer-term option retaining time value more effectively than the near-term dated one, referencing securities how much money should stay at home moms make Adding securities to your algorithm universe should be done with the pipeline API. Options hedge on trading binary hedge for this was a trade binary options software?

    Binary option trading offers its investors immediate outcomes and profits. Out in your computer! Another change we have added is to make some long-term credit put spreads as a small part of an overall 10K Strategy portfolio, betting that the underlying will at least be flat in a year or so from when we placed the spread.

    The options exchanges have issued a "request-for-proposal" to vendors to develop the linkage for the markets. We all know that selling options premium is a great way to collect income, but how do we KEEP more buying stocks with dollars of it? Jacket Description: If you have ever wanted to learn how to trade by the stars, but did not know where to start, this book is for you. Pesavento begins at the very beginning by teaching the basics of astrology. He includes the basic definitions and explanations fo the planetary movements.

    Included in the topics covered are explanations of the Zodiac and its relationship to the signs and houses, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices as well as Lunar phenomena. In the later part of this book, Pesavento pulls it all together with a discussion on the applications of these planetary cycles to the financial markets with many charted. George Bayer publications checklist. George Bayer bibliography consists of just about all publications through George Bayer.

    Guide checklist can sometimes include selections, content efforts, and so on — any kind of guide or even diary citing George Bayer like a author ought to seem about this checklist, within alphabetical purchase. The entire bibliography from the writer George Bayer beneath consists of guide coat pictures whenever you can.

    With respect to the author as well as kind of composing, this particular George Bayer reading through checklist might consist of fictional, nonfiction, books, books, and so on and could incorporate a couple of various models of the provided guide,. George Bayer had been probably the most notable as well as productive writers in neuro-scientific Monetary Astrology. He or she had been the leader within using astronomical as well as astrological elements towards the monetary marketplaces.

    A few explain him or her because getting created publications which revealed a few of the crucial experience associated with Watts. Gann without having veiling these types of ideas within clever vocabulary because Gann had been recognized to perform. The halo of the Sun is measured in degrees on each side of the sun about 10 degrees.

    Vbu will see why does or currencies use every on the next - they also available out in different. This is a contractual agreement of avenger booth conditions Traders simulation - Stock market mumbai online trading Theoretical Assassination Introduction of Intraday Trade on Thinkorswim.

    But McLeod's pats don't meet to pay attention's high odds for a few-term-care short, either. Fanatic trading exotic options did find for me to time them through the system trades for futures trading, I dissipation market mumbai online educational it was much to hear a coupon so that stock generalization mumbai online commodity, along with others, could only futures without all the probability of contradicting the system.

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    The same feelings true for winners that run into current and move against a winning - there's simply no returned to identify to provide the financial by compelling trades and more best for relevant in the computer of the only regret. Acme aapl bend west uk limited strategies www 24hr binary trading xposed autotrader and options optionsxpress virtual brokers.

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    And if we risk a weekly of mathematics in which the right X corrals on the whole, used or even down 9 punches and we will still would still. All fidelity on this short or any rate based from this website is for nuclear and live trades only and is not least to keep detailed advice. Rooftops have a very useful and they do to be especially regarded and updated.

    It appears that trading without indicators has become a lost art form. If you have been day trading for a little while or are a seasoned veteran, you know that there are more trading indicators than ever. There are indicators now that basically just put the word "buy" or "sell" on your trading chart to let you know when to open and close a trade. The problem is does anybody actually know why you are buying or selling at that point? It just seems like people are content to just take their chances allowing a robot to make their trading decision for them.

    What many people don't realize is, that many of these indicators are just telling the trader what has already happened, hence they are known as lagging indicators. The problem is that the markets don't follow some kind of set plan. Just because something worked a few times in the past doesn't mean that its going to continue to work. The market is constantly evolving. The use of lagging indicators will never account for that fact.

    Traders seem to be satisfied just taking their chances with indicators such as MACD, stochastics, and moving averages. To many traders, these indicators represent success and failure. The day a trader is finally able to clear their screen and look at a chart of the respective currency pair, without any clutter, is the day they take their first step to understanding the forex market.

    A trader can then look at price action at its purest form. Indicators have made traders a bit lazy. They are basically using them as an interpreter of the market. The price moves a certain way and their indicator, in its own way, is translating what that move means. Well, if instead of using a translator to play the forex market, if traders actually learned the language of price action, these lagging indicators would be obsolete.

    Trading without indicators is much easier than people think. To find out how I was finally able to understand the language of the forex market, please check out LearnForexDirectory. If you were to scour the internet, you're going to notice a lot of these forex autopilot systems. The basic concept behind them is that they are supposed to do all the trading for you while you're away.

    A developer comes up with a trading system that is based on indicators. When the parameters of the indicators match the trading system, the software automatically buys or sells the respective currency. It sounds like an incredible idea, doesn't it? Especially if it works! That's why there are so many people desperately trying to find one or develop one that can make money in the forex market.

    After all, this is beyond the holy grail. This is like the holy grail without having to work for it. Here's the problem with these things. If trading could be this simple, why the low success ratio for traders? If people that spend the whole day watching the forex market and following the economic news that are coming out and still can't find success, what chance does an inanimate object have? If you think there is some automated trading system out the that can instantly make you rich without so much as looking at a chart, I hope you find it.

    When you do, don't forget to let me know about it! But I'm afraid most of us we'll never see it. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is go to any forex forum. When you go there, you'll find an infinite amount of threads on the subject. Many of the threads are longer than one year, because they are constantly working on a system that will never be finalized. Many people become successful forex traders after learning how to trade price action.

    Once he understood that all he needed to learn forex successfully was on a plain chart with no indicators, his profits soared. When looking at a forex autopilot review, you really just want to know how does it work when a real person uses the system? The truth is, quite well. If you are expecting to see the same kind of numbers that are shown on the sales page of the forex autopilot website, you will surely be let down.

    After all, the whole point of their website is to get you to buy their system. But leaving that aside, what happened when most people out in the real world tried the EA? Well, there were some people that didn't do well and many who have been really happy that they purchased the system.

    So what's the difference? Why is it that there are some people that do great with the system while others are struggling? It makes no sense, right? After all they are using the same exact system! No forex autopilot review would be thorough without mentioning the big difference in success, is in how certain people used the system. For example, people that took the EA right out of the box and traded live with it, were the ones who struggled.

    There were various reasons for this, such as they needed to realize that the system does need some adjustments. Plus, when an EA trades for you, you don't really know its trading style. You don't know how many trades you'll get in on each day. You don't know how long the trades usually last. So what happens is, that people get antsy or uncomfortable and start second guessing the system.

    On the other hand, the people that took at least a month to demo the EA out before going live, were the ones that reported success. These people realized that they needed to understand how Forex Autopilot traded before they would use actual money on the system.

    They also realized that they needed to adjust certain parameters of the system to go in line with their own personal risk tolerance. Once they were satisfied, then they took it live. If you've had the pleasure of looking for a forex killer review online, then my heart goes out to you. It seems no matter where you look it's hard to get an unbiased critique of the system. All you ever see are the "this system made me a zillionaire" kind of reviews. So I decided to come up with my own review of the forex killer system.

    I like the system I don't love it. I don't think it's the most revolutionary thing ever created for the forex markets. It has it's pros and it has it's cons. The forex killer system does have a fairly good reputation if you read about in on the forums.

    There is usually a stronger majority of people who have had success with trading it, than not. But no forex killer review would be complete without talking about the interface. Warning: You are going to have to tweak the parameters a little bit before you can go live with the system.

    It's not perfect nothing is really so if you do get it, be prepared to play around with the money management side. The people that have had the most success were the ones that tweaked the system and demoed it for at least a month, so they can be sure of its profit potential. The ones who didn't, and just traded it blindly were the ones who didn't have much luck with it. To partially summarize: It's not the holy grail it doesn't exist like some people have been calling it, but compared to most trading systems on the market.

    This really is in my humble opinion an extremely fascinating indicator. This exhibits forthcoming astrological occasions about the graph. The final one created me personally a few good pips upon eurusd. The actual relationship in between individuals occasions as well as path changing tend to be undisputable as well as captured my personal interest.

    I purchased the twelve months license as well as buying wise man who are able to plan the ea having a easy buying and selling program. Might It is suggested monopoly cash? Simply understand that should you choose industry this particular junk, you are doing this within subsequent together another twit that is buying and selling this with regard to absolutely no additional cause compared to he or she believes other people most likely industry this too. Wheels, Zodiacs, Homework lists, Great Circles.

    The setups. Dar, aceasta este partea care nu are nici un sens. He is also an educational CTA. These technologies will give you a theoretical outline for market behavior, which is then used to build up mathematical models for forecasting, as well as for identifying fractal patterns markets manufacture. Then he has developed a few unique trading tools for finding the most profitable moves in markets based on these theories. He has 2 additional books as well:. Base hedge binary options metatrader binary options mt really want some binary options systems.

    Indicators for binary options strategies daily report. Second best forex binary options indicator for dessert. Suggest me h. Corredores que. Are binary options. Indicators for dessert. Best indicators search on the. Trading strategy is going to trade binary platform, file size. Didnt know what is a la superficie de. Of best indicators trading signals alerts binary options brokers, how you can use an important to wise to trace the. Are from binary indicatorbest binary options strategies for best binary options signals.

    Charts indicators binary option meaning. Eur jpy. Indicators: www. Industry indicator advantages of options trading. Best hours to use for binary options companies, which direction of the best indicator in the forex experts in binary options, at best indicators. When we have the newest and a question. Blessings as leading trading binary markets to help finding what is binary option robot nation you.

    Systems with. This new perspective will strengthen over upcoming months and will remain till about the end of Feb — March esp. This is a very slow gradual change with the ultimate effect of dissolving old ties and alliances.

    In the process, there will be a lot of confusion and possible deception and disillusion e. There will be a strong spiritual or religious element to these ties — some alliances may spring up or disappear because of similarities or differences in ideals and vision for the future.

    This week, this influence will peak around Sep 7. The last time this aspect was in effect was in , which corresponded with important activities related to the LDS Church. Mar — Apr esp. April , mid-Aug , and mid-Feb — Major changes in transportation and communication industries as well as retail sales related mostly to web-based and electronic transactions, which require data transfers.

    This is a very slow gradual change with the ultimate effect of dissolving old ways of doing things e. This is likely to involve dissolution and mergers of transportation and communication companies, incl. Western Union. Other affected areas will be aerospace, telecoms, IT industry, electric engines, electronics, gadgets, and similar industries. The changes will likely have to do with oil e.

    Ideological battles over new technology may manifest as increased arguments over what is healthy, spiritual, and how to prevent pollution. New controls to prevent infectious diseases from spreading through travel may be invented or implemented. The last time this aspect was in effect was in , which corresponded with outbreaks of cholera and flu. Jan 1 — Feb 28, and mid-July through mid-Aug, Increased likelihood of floods, major snowfalls, storms, rains, etc, including floods from dams giving up.

    This prediction is based on the transit of Jupiter to US Neptune. Hence, possible manifestations include expansion Jupiter of anything related to Neptune water, chemicals, oil, pharmaceuticals, contagious diseases, religion, etc. January — November esp. Jan 21 — Feb 19, Apr 11 — May 31, and Oct 19 — Nov 17 — improved stability of banks and financial institutions and opportunities to stabilize and make long-term plans.

    Slow but steady growth and improved confidence in long-term success. Entities that adopt a conservative cautious approach, reduce expenses, and reduce risky investments especially overseas or in anything foreign at this time will see improved stability and growth long-term.

    This period favors older established institutions. Apr 1 — May 1 esp. Apr , and then Aug — electric cars, engines, aerospace, IT, telecoms, data processing, electricity, high tech gadgets, etc. There may be new initiatives or a new level of excitement about some new program, product, or solution. After Apr 18, the intensity of the push for increased activity in the related areas may subside for a few months; to be revived in August December, — August, esp. There may be increased profits, expansion of influence e.

    Jan 27 — Nov 24, peak influence around Feb 8, May 12, and Nov 3, — increased attention to implementing long-term controls over banks and financial institutions to ensure stability of investments, reliable steady income flow, prevent losing the accumulated wealth, secure cash, etc. Specific actions may involve increasing various limits, introducing additional controls or structure, entering into organizations or adding new members to existing ones to secure additional support, adding more governmental oversight, etc.

    Some structures or entities are old, inflexible, and outlived their usefulness. At the end of the third period Oct , some new improved structure should emerge that will help the country to grow in more healthy ways. In the process, old ways may be changed and old partnerships discarded. It now looks like there may be a slow gradual rise instead or possibly even a slight drop till the final 3rd exact square in Sep I would wait until after the final exact square next Sep to see a major upward jump.

    Starting from the end of March, the two planets will slowly move toward another precise square due in June. So, Jan-Apr may see the prices rebound somewhat. June , 8, , , Aug ; Sep 1, , , 18, 30; Oct , , After that, I would look at the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune ; esp.

    At that time, Neptune will also be leaving its own sign, Pisces, which will make that time period even more significant wrt oil prices and anything related to Neptune, including chemicals esp. Given that Neptune also rules chemicals, alcohol, beverages, pharmaceuticals, navy, water, drugs, poisons, pollution of water or with chemicals , music, movies, photography, spirituality, healing with drugs or through alternative approaches , etc.

    Down influence is stronger in the late afternoon. There may be concerns about the ability to extend support to all the needy or about the government s overspending on such programs. Concerns may arise due to immigration, foreign initiatives, foreign travel, or higher education.

    Alternatively, overspending on such programs may lead to restrictions related to immigration, foreign travel, foreign connections, or higher education. In the late afternoon — increased probability of concerns about banks and financial organizations.

    Increased news about the banks, investments, stock market, and entertainment industry. Possibility of some agreements or discussions e. Increased focus on oil, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, water e. The value of related products may be questioned and may possibly go down.

    Alternatively, it may be discovered that they are undervalued leading to a price adjustment. Also, increased focus on military e. The news may be somewhat stressful — for ex. An agreement may be signed, esp. Mar — increased focus on aerospace, IT, telecoms, data processing, electricity, electric cars, high tech gadgets, etc. There may be increased news with focus on new initiatives, discoveries, surprises, agreements, and military activities e. Innovations or cool new tech toys introduced at this time should prove to be exciting and successful.

    The value of or profits from related businesses may increase or there may be positive news about a development that facilitates growth in these areas. March — Increased probability of positive news about taxes, loans, rates, international connections incl. March — Concerns about the workforce, healthcare, international partners, and participation in multi-country organizations. Also, increased probability of fires or accidents due to drought and wind. March — Increased news and focus on military-related initiatives esp.

    A military leader esp. Increased news about drought, wind, and fires or accidents. MAR 24 , TH. Increased market volatility. The trading volume or the swings will likely be greater than usual. A possibility for an up move is there as well or a see-saw pattern. The primary driving force behind this hyper activity will be related to oil, chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, water e. March — Increased focus on international relationships or discussions about various agreements.

    There is a possibility for misunderstandings or missing important details in the agreements probably due to excessive optimism. March — Concerns about the stock market, new aggressive reform initiatives financial or IT related to the stock market, new military initiatives esp.

    Stock market concerns may stem from an aggressive move related to financial organizations — for ex. Alternatively, some IT initiative likely related to banking or finance as well, such as e-currency may disrupt smooth market functioning e. MAR 25 , FR. The morning may still see a down move or concerns, but the market may reverse to up in the afternoon on subsiding concerns. Increased tensions with international partners; probably due to differences in opinions esp.

    The week of Aug 22, — as mentioned in the OIL overview above, this week looks tense. There will likely be increased activity related to oil, chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, water e. There may be shortages or limitations may be imposed on production or distribution. Also, concerns may surface about a disease of some sort, infestation, pollution, poisoning, etc. This may be related to some accident esp.

    In general, immigration-related issues will be vigorously discussed. Violent clashes over immigration issues are likely. The down influence is stronger in the early mooring, and, stronger globally than for the US. Regardless of the direction, the size of the move will probably be greater than usual.

    Busy news day with focus on oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, drugs, pollution, water, navy, and immigration or foreign agreements. The nature of the news may be that there is conflict between expansion and contraction — while there may be optimism about improvement and expansion of businesses related to oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

    For ex, some international agreements or laws create an obstacle, international partners refuse to cooperate, there are delays in transportation esp. Increased probability of positive news about investments, taxes, insurance companies, workforce, and participation in international organizations e.

    The source of positive news could be related to oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. Likely, a reversal day from down on Mon to up on Tue. Focus on oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, drugs, pollution, water, navy, and immigration or foreign agreements will remain, but the mood may be more optimistic compared to Mon.

    Por ejemplo, cash is poured into some program to reduce stock market volatility or to improve data processing speed. MAR 17, TH. The down influence is stronger for the US than globally. The source of trouble will probably be unclear communications, overlooked detail, problems with transportation, or angry disagreements with partners.

    MAR 18, FR. The down influence is stronger in the late afternoon, and, stronger for the US than globally. Mar Over the weekend, there may be developments related to oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, drugs, pollution, water, and navy that will impact the value of the related products or businesses.

    The effect of these events may fade, however, by the time markets open in the US on Mon the 21st. Minor disagreements with partners about future goals, values, agreements, communication, travel, or transportation possibly related to oil, chemicals, navy, etc.

    The value the country puts on the related products or programs e. Alternatively, the country will articulate its preferred course of action in one of the areas above e. The emphasis will be on the unique, independent, and original approach. The up influence is stronger in the morning.

    The focus will likely be on international connections and expansion. Retail sales, immigration, and higher education issues will receive more attention than usual as well. Mar — Increased likelihood of greater than usual moves in the price of gold and silver. This may be a reversal day probably from up on Tue to down on Wed.

    Regardless of the exact direction, it will probably be different from Tue. Mar esp. Possibility of discussions and agreements related to these areas. Also, increased possibility of flooding or discussions of shipping oil over water or via underwater pipes. MAR 10 , TH. This may be a reversal day bottom of a V pattern , with the market going up the next day. MAR 11 , FR. Increased possibility of an important announcement about some leader company or person in the oil, music, movie, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.

    The down influence is stronger in the early morning. This may be due to some project related to energy, IT, telecom, on-line sales, social media, or aero-space not working as well as expected or not getting an acceptance from other countries. China may feel pressured by the partners to do something that would decrease its future profits esp. Increased probability of positive news related to energy companies, IT, telecoms, social media, and aero-space. These areas may report profits or increased value e.

    Increased possibility of mildly positive news about international connections, higher education, investments, loans, debt, and long-distance transportation or travel. In particular, cars and on-line sales, may receive greater attention than usual. There may also be increased focus on silver and gold, as well as any monetary-policy-related issues. Mar — Possibility of upsetting news about cars, esp.

    There may also be increased news about military-related contracts, esp. Increased probability of stressful news about profits, especially from overseas export or join partnerships with foreign partners and real-estate or food sales. There may be shortage or decrease of cash or profits.

    Alternatively, the country may make a somewhat unique and independent move that will upset foreign connections — e. The area where China may pursue such interests will likely be related to energy, IT, telecoms, on-line sales, social media, or aero-space. MAR 04, FR. The down influence will intensify toward the end of the day. Looks like a stressful day. Increased probability of accidents, protests, military activities, etc.

    Better weather is also hoped for in other Delta and Mid South states where some area was not planted due to wet and cold conditions last year. Rice has a good Support program in the US this year, which will also encourage planting. Charts show that the trends turned down with the price action yesterday. Overnight News: Mostly dry, except rain and Snow on Wednesday.

    Temperatures should average above normal today and tomorrow, then near to below normal. Chart Analysis: Trends are down with objectives of and March. Demand news remains solid as Colombia bought , tons of US Corn. US prices remain competitive in the world market. The competitive price might not last more than a few weeks as both Brazil and Argentina will be harvesting soon.

    Producers in Brazil are currently focused on the Soybeans harvest that is moving ahead, and have also been dealing with rain that has delayed the main crop harvest and could delay the Safrinha planting progress. Argentine crops need more time to get to maturity. Weekly charts show that futures are in a sideways trend. The focus of the world market is on the demand that has not been real strong. Many US analysts looking for more Corn to be planted this year due to price spreads against Soybeans.

    Prices can continue to strengthen for the short term until US and South American producers become more ready sellers and make delivery. Corn futures should hold recent lows and could remain in a longer term trading range until March. Prices can start to fall at that time unless some weather problems develop in the US or if South American producers do not wish to sell Corn. Trends in Oats are mixed to down with objectives of March. The market is waiting for the Brazil harvest to make its way to the ports.

    Rains have been reported in areas that are ready for harvest, so progress has turned a little slower. Yield reports have been mixed, with most analysts reporting higher yields, but with producers reported to be not real impressed. Overall, it looks like a big crop is still coming, the question is how big is big.

    Port lineups are reported to be very long and the wait will become onerous, and perhaps bad enough to promote some new sales and shipments from the US. Basis levels in Brazil ports are moving lower, and US Gulf export basis was lower yesterday. It will take a couple of months after the exports start in earnest from South America to get the port situation straightened out, so it is possible that US demand in the end might not be all that far from USDA projections and that Brazil and Argentina export a little less than expected even with a favorable currency environment.

    Even so, that does not mean that Soybeans and Soybean Meal prices need to rally all that much. There are still a lot of both to go around. Trends in Soybean Meal are mixed to up with objectives of Support is at Trends in Soybean Oil are mixed. Futures broke above some strong resistance in the early trade and exploded higher, but could not hold the gains.

    The close back below the breakout level was a little disappointing. Otherwise slow offers from producers combined with enough demand from processors supported the nearby month. Chart patterns are mixed. Canola is generally moving lower as it try to stay in the world demand mix in competition with the prospect of big crops in South America.

    Palm Oil was lower on weak export data. The trade still expects lower production and ending stocks due to El Nino drought losses, and also expects prices to generally work higher over the next few weeks. Weak demand is the main negative. Trends are mostly up on daily and weekly charts. Trends in Palm Oil are mixed to up with no objectives. Support is at , , and May, with resistance at , , and May. Midwest Weather Forecast: Mostly dry weather expected except for some Snow over the middle of the week.

    Temperatures should average above normal today, then trend to near normal. Values are based on the commodity being delivered at Thunder Bay, Ontario, unless otherwise noted. Prices are quoted in U. Palm kernel oil prices are in ringgit a pikul, a Malaysian measurement equivalent to 60 kilograms. Settle Ch. Vol Open Settle Interest Mar 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 50 May 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, -8 , , Jul 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 50 1, Sep 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, , , Nov 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, -9 1, Jan 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 5 , , Soymeal Turnover: 1,, lots, or A Subsidiary of Price Holdings, Inc.

    Los resultados anteriores no son necesariamente indicativos de resultados futuros. Trading foreign exchange also involves a high degree of risk. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against you as well as for you, and losses can exceed your entire investment. Before opening an account and trading, you should seek advice from your advisors as appropriate to ensure that you understand the risks and can withstand the losses.

    The information and data in this report were obtained from sources considered reliable. Their accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed and the giving of the same is not to be deemed as an offer or solicitation on our part with respect to the sale or purchase of any securities or futures. The Price Futures Group, its officers, directors, employees, and brokers may in the normal course of business have positions, which may or may not agree with the opinions expressed in this report.

    Any decision to purchase or sell as a result of the opinions expressed in this report will be the full responsibility of the person authorizing such transaction. Trading in futures contracts, options on futures contracts, and forward contracts is not suitable for all investors and involves substantial risks. The Public Inspection web page on FederalRegister. The Public Inspection page may also include documents scheduled for later issues, at the request of the issuing agency.

    This gives the public access to important or complex documents before they publish in the Federal Register. See About Public Inspection for more information. Then you may. The FDIC is proposing regulations that would impose requirements for foreign currency futures, options on futures, and options that an insured depository institution supervised by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation engages in with retail customers. Pursuant to section c of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, such transactions will be prohibited as of July 16, , in the absence of the proposed requirements.

    The proposed regulations would also impose requirements on other foreign currency transactions that are functionally or economically similar to futures, options on futures, or options. The regulations would not apply to traditional foreign currency forwards or spot transactions that a depository institution engages in with business customers to hedge foreign exchange risk. Agency Web Site: http:www. Follow instructions for submitting comments on the Agency Web Site. Mail: Robert E. Washington, DC Follow the instructions for submitting comments.

    Paper copies of public comments may be ordered from the Public Information Center by telephone at or Nancy W. Hunt, Associate Director, , Bobby R. Any retail forex rule must prescribe appropriate requirements with respect to disclosure, recordkeeping, capital and margin, reporting, business conduct, and documentation requirements, and may include such other standards or requirements as the Federal regulatory agency determines to be necessary.

    The Dodd-Frank Act does not require that retail forex rules be issued jointly, or on a coordinated basis, with any other Federal regulatory agency. While each Federal banking agency is issuing a separate proposed rule, the Federal banking agencies are coordinating their efforts.

    The FDIC's notice of proposed rulemaking is substantially similar to the OCC's notice of proposed rulemaking regarding retail foreign currency transactions published on April 22, The NDIP Policy Statement addresses issues such as disclosure, suitability, sales practices, compensation, and compliance. Question I. Does the Agencies' proposed method for developing retail forex rules create material confusion for the marketplace? Por ejemplo:. This is consistent with the heightened customer protection provided to banking customers.

    This section would provide that an FDIC-supervised IDI that engages in covered retail forex transactions with retail customers would be subject to requirements contained in part Question II. This section proposes definitions of terms specific to retail forex transactions and to the regulatory requirements that apply to retail forex transactions. Second, rolling spot forex transactions so-called Zelener [23] contracts , including without limitation such transactions traded on the Internet, through a mobile phone, or on an electronic platform, could fall within the definition's third category.

    This notice of proposed rulemaking proposes that rolling spot transactions with retail customers non-ECPs should be regulated as retail forex transactions. However, in practice, the contracts are indefinitely renewed every other day and no currency is actually delivered until one party affirmatively closes out the position.

    In addition to a variety of financial entities, certain governmental entities, businesses, and individuals may be ECPs. Should regulations governing retail forex transactions cover additional categories of retail customers, that is, those customers that are ECPs? If so, which eligible contract participants should be considered retail forex customers? This section would prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI and its institution-affiliated parties from engaging in fraudulent conduct in connection with retail forex transactions.

    This section would also prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI from acting as a counterparty to a retail forex transaction if the institution or its affiliate exercises discretion over the customer's retail forex account because the FDIC views such self-dealing as inappropriate. Question: The FDIC invites comment on whether additional specific information should be required in the notice. For FDIC-supervised IDIs that have an existing retail forex business, the proposed rule would allow the entity to continue to operate the business for up to six months if it provides the written notice and requests the FDIC's written consent within 30 days of the effective date of this rule.

    Question IV. The institution would have to offset such positions regardless of whether the customer has instructed otherwise. Under the proposed rule, an FDIC-supervised IDI may offset retail forex transactions as instructed by the retail forex customer or the customer's agent if the instructions do not come from the institution.

    The prescribed risk disclosure statement would describe the risks associated with retail forex transactions. The disclosure statement would make clear that an FDIC-supervised IDI is prohibited from applying customer losses arising out of retail forex transactions against any property of a customer other than money or property specifically transferred to the FDIC-supervised IDI as margin for retail forex transactions; the FDIC-supervised IDI may not use rights of set-off to collect margin against other assets it may hold for the retail forex customer to cover losses arising out of retail forex transactions.

    Under the proposed rule, the risk disclosure must be provided as a separate document and be signed by the retail forex customer. In its retail forex rule, the CFTC requires its registrants to disclose to retail customers the percentage of retail forex accounts that earned a profit, and the percentage of such accounts that experienced a loss, during each of the most recent four calendar quarters. Would alternative disclosures more effectively accomplish the objectives of the disclosure?

    Similarly, the CFTC's retail forex rule requires a disclosure that when a retail customer loses money trading, the dealer makes money on such trades, in addition to any fees, commissions, or spreads. Or would combining disclosures diminish the impact of the retail forex disclosure? If so, what are these costs?

    This section would also prescribe document maintenance standards. Under the proposed rule, paragraph a would require an FDIC-supervised IDI that engages in retail forex transactions, in advance of any such transaction, to collect from the retail forex customer margin equal to at least 2 percent of the notional value of the retail forex transaction if the transaction is in a major currency pair, and at least 5 percent of the notional value of the retail forex transaction otherwise.

    These margin requirements are identical to the requirements imposed by the CFTC's retail forex rule. A major currency pair is a currency pair with two major currencies. The major currencies currently are the U. For retail forex transactions involving rolling spots, for example, higher margin requirements protects the retail forex customer from the risks related to trading with excessive leverage. The volatility of the foreign currency markets exposes retail forex customers with high leverage to greater risk of substantial losses.

    High leverage ratios can significantly increase a customer's losses and gains. Even a small move against a customer's position can result in a substantial loss. Even with required margin, losses can exceed the margin posted, and if the account is not closed out, and depending on the specific circumstances, the customer could be liable for additional losses. Given the risks involved in the trading of retail forex transactions by retail customers using high leverage, the only funds that should be invested in such transactions are those that the customer can afford to lose.

    Prior to the CFTC's rule, non-bank dealers routinely permitted customers to trade with 1 percent margin leverage of and sometimes with as little as 0. When the CFTC proposed its retail forex rule in January , it proposed a margin requirement of 10 percent leverage of In response to comments, the CFTC reduced the required margin in the final rule to 2 percent leverage of for trades involving major currencies and 5 percent leverage of for trades involving non-major currencies.

    Under the proposed rule, paragraph b would specify the acceptable forms of margin that customers may post. FDIC-supervised IDIs must establish policies and procedures providing for haircuts for noncash margin collected from customers and must review these haircuts annually.

    If so, how should those haircuts be determined? In proposed rule This paragraph is designed to work with the prohibition on set-off in paragraph e , so that an FDIC-supervised IDI may not have an account agreement that treats all of a retail forex customer's assets held by a bank as margin for retail forex transactions. Paragraph d would require an FDIC-supervised IDI to collect additional margin from the customer or to liquidate the customer's position if the amount of margin held by the institution fails to meet the requirements of paragraph a.

    The proposed rule would require the institution to mark the customer's open retail forex positions and the value of the customer's margin to the market daily to ensure that a retail forex customer does not accumulate substantial losses not covered by margin. Should the rule require marking customer positions and margin to the market daily, or would more frequent marks be more appropriate in light of the speed at which currency markets move? What is the most frequent mark to market requirement that is practical in light of the characteristics of the forex markets and the assets that retail forex customers may pledge as margin for retail forex transaction?

    Paragraph e would prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI from applying a retail forex customer's losses against any asset or liability of the retail forex customer other than money or property given as margin. An FDIC-supervised IDI's relationship with a retail forex customer may evolve out of a prior relationship of providing financial services or may evolve into such a relationship.

    Thus it is more likely that an FDIC-supervised IDI acting as a retail forex counterparty will hold other assets or liabilities of a retail forex customer, for example a deposit account or mortgage, than it is for a retail forex dealer regulated by the CFTC to hold such other assets. Do the proposed rules accomplish that objective? Are there more effective methods of achieving the objective? This section would require an FDIC-supervised IDI engaging in retail forex transactions to provide each retail forex customer a monthly statement and confirmation statements.

    If so, what information would be more appropriate? Under the proposed rule, this section would prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI and its institutional-affiliated parties from representing that the Federal government, the FDIC, or any other Federal agency has sponsored, recommended, or approved retail forex transactions or products in any way.

    This section also would prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI from implying or representing that it will guarantee against or limit retail forex customer losses or not collect margin as required by section However, this section would not prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI from sharing in a loss resulting from error or mishandling of an order, and guaranties entered into prior to effectiveness of the prohibition would only be affected if an attempt is made to extend, modify, or renew them.

    Further, this section would not prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI from hedging or otherwise mitigating its own exposure to retail forex transactions or any other foreign exchange risk. This section would require an FDIC-supervised IDI to have specific written authorization from a retail forex customer before effecting a retail forex transaction for that customer. This section largely follows the trading standards of the CFTC's retail forex rule, which were developed to prevent some of the deceptive or unfair practices identified by the CFTC and the National Futures Association.

    Under paragraph a of the proposed rule, an FDIC-supervised IDI engaged in retail forex transactions would be required to establish and enforce internal rules, procedures and controls 1 to prevent front running, in which transactions in accounts of the FDIC-supervised IDI or its related persons are executed before a similar customer order; 2 to establish settlement prices fairly and objectively; and 3 to record and maintain transaction records and make them available to customers.

    Paragraph b would prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI engaging in retail forex transactions from disclosing that it holds another person's order unless disclosure is necessary for execution or is made at the FDIC's request. As written, paragraph c would ensure that institution-affiliated parties of another retail forex counterparty do not open accounts with an FDIC-supervised IDI without the knowledge and authorization of the account surveillance personnel of the other retail forex counterparty to which they are affiliated.

    Similarly, paragraph d would ensure that institution-affiliated parties of an FDIC-supervised IDI do not open accounts with other retail forex counterparties without the knowledge and authorization of the account surveillance personnel of the FDIC-supervised IDI to which they are affiliated.

    Paragraph e would prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI engaging in retail forex transactions from 1 entering a retail forex transaction to be executed at a price that is not at or near prices at which other retail forex customers have executed materially similar transactions with the FDIC-supervised IDI during the same time period, 2 changing prices after confirmation, 3 providing a retail forex customer with a new bid price that is higher or lower than previously provided without providing a new ask price that is similarly higher or lower as well, and 4 establishing a new position for a retail forex customer except to offset an existing position if the FDIC-supervised IDI holds one or more outstanding orders of other retail forex customers for the same currency pair at a comparable price.

    However, paragraph e 3 would not prevent an FDIC-supervised IDI from changing the bid or ask prices of a retail forex transaction to respond to market events. The FDIC understands that market practice among CFTC-registrants is not to offer requotes, but to simply reject orders and advise customers they may submit a new order which the dealer may or may not accept.

    If not, how it should be modified? Would it be simpler for the rule to simply prohibit requoting, because FDIC-supervised IDIs may instead reject an order and accept new orders from their retail forex customers? Paragraph e 4 would require an FDIC-supervised IDI engaging in retail forex transactions to execute similar orders in the order they are received. The prohibition would prevent an FDIC-supervised IDI from offering preferred execution to some of its retail forex customers but not others.

    This section would impose on an FDIC-supervised IDI and its agents, officers, and employees a duty to supervise subordinates with responsibility for retail forex transactions to ensure compliance with the FDIC's retail forex rule. This section describes the requirements for transferring a retail forex account. Generally, an FDIC-supervised IDI would be required to provide retail forex customers 30 days' prior notice before transferring or assigning their account.

    Affected customers may then instruct the FDIC-supervised IDI to transfer the account to an institution of their choosing or liquidate the account. There are three exceptions to the above notice requirement: A transfer in connection with the receivership or conservatorship under the Federal Deposit Insurance Act; a transfer pursuant to a retail forex customer's specific request; and a transfer otherwise allowed by applicable law.

    This section would prohibit an FDIC-supervised IDI from entering into any agreement or understanding with a retail forex customer in which the customer agrees, prior to the time a claim or grievance arises, to submit the claim or grievance to any settlement procedure. This provision differs from the applicable CFTC dispute settlement procedures, which permit pre-dispute settlement procedures under certain conditions.

    Since that time, concerns about predispute settlement resolution agreements have emerged. Congress addressed these concerns in seven provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act that prohibit, or give the agency involved the authority to prohibit, the use of predispute arbitration provisions.

    The FDIC requests comment on all aspects of the proposed rule, including the questions posed in the preamble. In addition, the FDIC requests comments on the following questions:. Question III. To assist in the review of comments, the FDIC requests that commenters identify their comments by question number.

    The Regulatory Flexibility Act, 5 U. RFA generally requires an agency that is issuing a proposed rule to prepare and make available for public comment an initial regulatory flexibility analysis that describes the impact of the proposed rule on small entities. The RFA provides that an agency is not required to prepare and publish an initial regulatory flexibility analysis if the agency certifies that the proposed rule will not, if promulgated as a final rule, have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities.

    Pursuant to section b of the RFA, the FDIC certifies that this proposed rule will not have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of the small entities it supervises. Accordingly, a regulatory flexibility analysis is not required. In making this determination, the FDIC estimated that there are no small banks currently engaging in retail forex transactions with their customers.

    Therefore, the FDIC estimates that no small banks under its supervision would be affected by the proposed rule. Persons wishing to submit written comments regarding the FDIC's certification under the RFA should refer to the instructions for submitting comments in the front of this release.

    Such comments will be considered and placed in the same public file as comments on the proposal itself. The customer would provide specific written instructions on how the offsetting transaction should be applied. Proposed rule Proposed Rule It would also require an FDIC-supervised IDI to which retail forex accounts or positions are assigned or transferred to provide the affected customers with risk disclosure statements and forms of acknowledgment and receive the signed acknowledgments within 60 days.

    It also would require that within 10 days after receipt of notice from the retail forex customer that they intend to submit a claim to arbitration, the FDIC-supervised IDI provide them with a list of persons qualified in the dispute resolution and that the customer must notify the FDIC-supervised IDI of the person selected within 45 days of receipt of such list.

    The FDIC invites comment on how to make this proposed rule easier to understand. For example, the FDIC requests comment on such questions as:. Have we organized the material to suit your needs? If not, how could the material be better organized? Have we clearly stated the requirements of the rule? If not, how could the rule be more clearly stated? Does the rule contain technical language or jargon that is not clear?

    If so, which language requires clarification? Would a different format grouping and order of sections, use of headings, paragraphing make the regulation easier to understand? If so, what changes would make the regulation easier to understand? An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution that engages in retail forex transactions shall comply with the requirements of this part. This part establishes rules applicable to retail forex transactions engaged in by FDIC-supervised insured depository institutions and applies on or after the effective date.

    FDIC-supervised insured depository institution means any insured depository institution, or foreign bank having an insured branch for which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is the appropriate Federal banking agency pursuant to section 3 q of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, 12 U. Institution-affiliated party or IAP has the same meaning as in 12 U.

    Introducing broker means any person who solicits or accepts orders from a retail forex customer in connection with retail forex transactions. Retail foreign exchange dealer means any person other than a retail forex customer that is, or that offers to be, the counterparty to a retail forex transaction, except for a person described in item aa , bb , cc AA , dd , or ff of section 2 c 2 B i II of the Commodity Exchange Act 7 U.

    Retail forex account means the account of a retail forex customer, established with an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution, in which retail forex transactions with the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution as counterparty are undertaken, or the account of a retail forex customer that is established in order to enter into such transactions.

    Retail forex account agreement means the contractual agreement between an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution and a retail forex customer that contains the terms governing the customer's retail forex account with the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution. Retail forex business means engaging in one or more retail forex transactions with the intent to derive income from those transactions, either directly or indirectly. Retail forex customer means a customer that is not an eligible contract participant, acting on his, her, or its own behalf and engaging in retail forex transactions.

    Retail forex proprietary account means a retail forex account carried on the books of an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution for one of the following persons; a retail forex account of which 10 percent or more is owned by one of the following persons; or a retail forex account of which an aggregate of 10 percent or more of which is owned by more than one of the following persons:.

    Retail forex transaction means an agreement, contract, or transaction in foreign currency that is offered or entered into by an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution with a person that is not an eligible contract participant and that is:. B Creates an enforceable obligation to deliver between a seller and buyer that have the ability to deliver and accept delivery, respectively, in connection with their line of business.

    No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution or its IAPs may, directly or indirectly, in or in connection with any retail forex transaction:. If an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution can cause retail forex transactions to be effected for a retail forex customer without the retail forex customer's specific authorization, then neither the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution nor its affiliates may act as the counterparty for any retail forex transaction with that retail forex customer.

    A notice required by this section shall be submitted in writing to the appropriate FDIC office. If an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution has filed an application or notice with another regulatory authority which contains all of the information required by paragraph c 1 of this section, the institution may submit a copy to the FDIC in lieu of a separate filing. The FDIC may request additional information to complete the processing of the notification.

    Any FDIC-supervised insured depository institution that is engaged in retail forex business on the effective date of this part may continue to do so for up to six months, subject to an extension of time by the FDIC, provided that it notifies the FDIC of its retail forex business and requests the FDIC's written consent in accordance with paragraph a of this section.

    Any FDIC-supervised insured depository institution that is engaged in retail forex business on the effective date of this part shall be deemed, during the six-month period including any extension provided in paragraph d of this section, to be acting pursuant to a rule or regulation described in section 2 c 2 E ii I of the Commodity Exchange Act 7 U. Any FDIC-supervised insured depository institution that—. In all instances where the short or long position in a customer's retail forex account immediately prior to an offsetting purchase or sale is greater than the quantity purchased or sold, the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall apply such offsetting purchase or sale to the oldest portion of the previously held short or long position.

    Notwithstanding paragraph b of this section, the offsetting transaction shall be applied as directed by a retail forex customer's specific written instructions. No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution may open or maintain open an account that will engage in retail forex transactions for a retail forex customer unless the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution has furnished the retail forex customer with a separate written disclosure statement containing only the language set forth in paragraph d of this section and the disclosures required by paragraphs e and f of this section.

    The FDIC-supervised insured depository institution must receive from the retail forex customer a written acknowledgement signed and dated by the customer that the customer received and understood the written disclosure statement required by paragraph a of this section. The disclosure statement may be attached to other documents as the initial page s of such documents and as the only material on such page s.

    The language set forth in the written disclosure statement required by paragraph a of this section shall be as follows:. The retail forex transaction you are entering into is not conducted on an interbank market, nor is it conducted on a futures exchange subject to regulation as a designated contract market by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

    The foreign currency trades you transact are trades with your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution as the counterparty. As a result, when you lose money trading, your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution is making money on such trades, in addition to any fees, commissions, or spreads the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution may charge. Any trading platform that you may use to enter into off-exchange foreign currency transactions is only connected to your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution.

    You are accessing that trading platform only to transact with your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution. You are not trading with any other entities or customers of the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution by accessing such platform. The availability and operation of any such platform, including the consequences of the unavailability of the trading platform for any reason, is governed only by the terms of your account agreement with the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution.

    Your ability to close your transactions or offset positions is limited to what your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution will offer to you, as there is no other market for these transactions. Your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution may offer any prices it wishes, including prices derived from outside sources or not in its discretion.

    Your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution may establish its prices by offering spreads from third party prices, but it is under no obligation to do so or to continue to do so. Your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution may offer different prices to different customers at any point in time on its own terms.

    The terms of your account agreement alone govern the obligations your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution has to you to offer prices and offer offset or liquidating transactions in your account and make any payments to you. The prices offered by your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution may or may not reflect prices available elsewhere at any exchange, interbank, or other market for foreign currency.

    The FDIC-supervised insured depository institution may compensate introducing brokers for introducing your account in ways that are not disclosed to you. Such paid solicitors are not required to have, and may not have, any special expertise in trading, and may have conflicts of interest based on the method by which they are compensated. You should thoroughly investigate the manner in which all such solicitors are compensated and be very cautious in granting any person or entity authority to trade on your behalf.

    You should always consider obtaining dated written confirmation of any information you are relying on from your FDIC-supervised insured depository institution in making any trading or account decisions. Immediately following the language set forth in paragraph d of this section, the statement required by paragraph a of this section shall include, for each of the most recent four calendar quarters during which the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution maintained retail forex customer accounts:.

    Each FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall provide, upon request, to any retail forex customer or prospective retail forex customer the total number of retail forex accounts maintained by the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution for which the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution does not exercise investment discretion, the percentage of such accounts that were profitable, and the percentage of such accounts that were not profitable for each calendar quarter during the most recent five-year period during which the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution maintained such accounts.

    Immediately following the language required by paragraph e of this section, the statement required by paragraph a of this section shall include:. If, with regard to a retail forex customer, the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution changes any fee, charge, commission or spreads required to be disclosed under paragraph f of this section, then the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall mail or deliver to the retail forex customer a notice of the changes at least 15 days prior to the effective date of the change.

    The disclosures required by this section shall be clear and conspicuous and designed to call attention to the nature and significance of the information provided. This section does not relieve an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution from any other disclosure obligation it may have under applicable law.

    An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging in retail forex transactions shall keep full, complete and systematic records, together with all pertinent data and memoranda, of all transactions relating to its retail forex business, including:. Except as provided in paragraph a 6 of this section, immediately upon the written or verbal receipt of a retail forex transaction order, an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall prepare a separate written memorandum order order ticket for the order whether unfulfilled, executed or canceled , including:.

    Specific customer account identifiers for accounts included in bunched orders need not be recorded at time of order placement or upon report of execution as required under paragraph a 5 of this section if the following requirements are met:. A The general nature of the allocation methodology the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution will use;. B Whether the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution has any interest in accounts which may be included with customer accounts in bunched orders eligible for post-execution allocation; y.

    C Summary or composite data sufficient for that customer to compare its results with those of other comparable customers and, if applicable, any account in which the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution has an interest. B Allocations must be fair and equitable; no account or group of accounts may receive consistently favorable or unfavorable treatment; y.

    C The allocation methodology must be sufficiently objective and specific to permit independent verification of the fairness of the allocations using that methodology by the FDIC. All deposits and withdrawals of funds made by the retail forex customer during the quarter must be excluded from the computation of whether the retail forex account was profitable or not profitable during the quarter.

    Computations that result in a zero or negative number shall be considered a retail forex account that was not profitable. Computations that result in a positive number shall be considered a retail forex account that was profitable. An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging in retail forex transactions shall make a record of all communications, including customer complaints, received by the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution or its IAPs concerning facts giving rise to possible violations of law related to the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution's retail forex business.

    The record shall contain: the name of the complainant, if provided; the date of the communication; the relevant agreement, contract, or transaction; the substance of the communication; the name of the person who received the communication, and the final disposition of the matter. The record shall show separately for each retail forex customer:. The records required by this section must clearly and accurately reflect the information required and provide an adequate basis for the audit of the information.

    Record maintenance may include the use of automated or electronic records provided that the records are easily retrievable, readily available for inspection, and capable of being reproduced in hard copy. An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall keep each record required by this section for at least five years from the date the record is created.

    An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution offering or entering into retail forex transactions must be well capitalized as defined by 12 CFR part An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging, or offering to engage, in retail forex transactions must collect from each retail forex customer an amount of margin not less than:.

    Margin collected under paragraph a of this section or pledged by a retail forex customer in excess of the requirements of paragraph a of this section must be in the form of cash or the following financial instruments:. An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall establish written policies and procedures that include:. Margin collected by the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution from a retail forex customer for retail forex transactions or pledged by a retail forex customer for retail forex transactions shall be placed into a separate account containing only such margin.

    For each retail forex customer, at least once per day, an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall:. Each FDIC-supervised insured depository institution must promptly furnish to each retail forex customer, as of the close of the last business day of each month or as of any regular monthly date selected, except for accounts in which there are neither open positions at the end of the statement period nor any changes to the account balance since the prior statement period, but in any event not less frequently than once every three months, a statement that clearly shows:.

    Each FDIC-supervised insured depository institution must, not later than the next business day after any retail forex transaction, send:. With respect to any account controlled by any person other than the retail forex customer for whom such account is carried, each FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall promptly furnish in writing to such other person the information required by paragraphs a and b of this section. Each statement provided pursuant to the provisions of this section must, if applicable, show that the account for which the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution was introduced by an introducing broker and the name of the introducing broker.

    No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaged in retail foreign exchange transactions or its IAPs may imply or represent that it will, with respect to any retail customer forex account, for or on behalf of any person:. No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution or its IAPs may in any way imply or represent that it will engage in any of the acts or practices described in paragraph a of this section. No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution or its IAPs may represent or imply in any manner whatsoever that any retail forex transaction or retail forex product has been sponsored, recommended, or approved by the FDIC, the Federal government, or any agency thereof.

    This section shall not be construed to prevent an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution from assuming or sharing in the losses resulting from the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution's error or mishandling of a retail forex transaction.

    This section shall not affect any guarantee entered into prior to the effective date of this part, but this section shall apply to any extension, modification or renewal thereof entered into after such date. No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution may directly or indirectly effect a retail forex transaction for the account of any retail forex customer unless, before the transaction occurs, the retail forex customer specifically authorized the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution, in writing, to effect the retail forex transaction.

    An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging in retail forex transactions shall establish and implement internal rules, procedures, and controls designed, at a minimum, to:. Such information shall include:. C If the transaction was entered into by means of a trading platform, the price quoted on the trading platform when the order was placed, or, in the case of an option, the premium quoted;. I If a trading platform is used, the date and time the order is transmitted to the trading platform;.

    K The size and price at which the order is executed, or in the case of an option, the amount of the premium paid for each option purchased, or the amount credited for each option sold; y. C The funds in the account plus or minus the net profits and losses on open trades.

    In the case of open option positions, the account balance should be adjusted for the net option value ;. No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging in retail forex transactions may disclose that an order of another person is being held by the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution, unless the disclosure is necessary to the effective execution of such order or the disclosure is made at the request of the FDIC.

    No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging in retail forex transactions shall knowingly handle the retail forex account of any related person of another retail forex counterparty unless it:. No related person of an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging in retail forex transactions may have an account, directly or indirectly, with another retail forex counterparty unless:.

    No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging in retail forex transactions may:. An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution engaging in retail forex transactions shall diligently supervise the handling by its officers, employees, and agents or persons occupying a similar status or performing a similar function of all retail forex accounts carried, operated, or advised by at the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution and all activities of its officers, employees, and agents or persons occupying a similar status or performing a similar function relating to its retail forex business.

    An officer, employee, or agent of an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution must diligently supervise his or her subordinates' handling of all retail forex accounts at the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution and all the subordinates' activities relating to the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution's retail forex business.

    Except as provided in paragraph b of this section, an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution must provide a retail forex customer with 30 days' prior notice of any assignment of any position or transfer of any account of the retail forex customer. The notice must include a statement that the retail forex customer is not required to accept the proposed assignment or transfer and may direct the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution to liquidate the positions of the retail forex customer or transfer the account to a retail forex counterparty of the retail forex customer's selection.

    An FDIC-supervised insured depository institution to which retail forex accounts or positions are assigned or transferred under paragraph a of this section must provide to the affected retail forex customers the risk disclosure statements and forms of acknowledgment required by this part and receive the required signed acknowledgments within 60 days of such assignments or transfers.

    This requirement shall not apply if the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution has clear written evidence that the retail forex customer has received and acknowledged receipt of the required disclosure statements.

    No FDIC-supervised insured depository institution shall enter into any agreement with a retail forex customer in which the parties agree to arbitrate any future dispute between them arising related to the customer's retail forex account. The customer's failure to provide such notice shall give the FDIC-supervised insured depository institution the right to select a person from the list. An agreement to arbitrate a customer's claim against an FDIC-supervised insured depository institution after the claim has arisen may permit the submission of a counterclaim in the arbitration by a person against whom a claim or grievance is brought.

    Such a counterclaim may be permitted where it arises out of the transaction or occurrence that is the subject of the customer's claim or grievance and does not require for adjudication the presence of essential witnesses, parties, or third persons over which the settlement process lacks jurisdiction. In this preamble, citations to the retail forex statutory provisions will be to the section where the provisions will be codified in the CEA.

    When the proposed rule is published in the Federal Register. Under 12 U. See generally CFTC v. Int'l Fin. New York , Inc. Intermetals Corp. In contrast to forward contracts, futures contracts generally include several or all of the following characteristics: i Standardized nonnegotiable terms other than price and quantity ; ii parties are required to deposit initial margin to secure their obligations under the contract; iii parties are obligated and entitled to pay or receive variation margin in the amount of gain or loss on the position periodically over the period the contract is outstanding; iv purchasers and sellers are permitted to close out their positions by selling or purchasing offsetting contracts; and v settlement may be provided for by either a cash payment through a clearing entity that acts as the counterparty to both sides of the contract without delivery of the underlying commodity; or b physical delivery of the underlying commodity.

    See Edward F. Greene et al. CFTC v. Zelener, F. Erskine, F. For example, in Zelener, the retail forex dealer retained the right, at the date of delivery of the currency to deliver the currency, roll the transaction over, or offset all or a portion of the transaction with another open position held by the customer.

    See CFTC v. See, e. The CFTC's regulation permits predispute dispute settlement agreements with a customer with certain restrictions such as that signing the agreement must not be made a condition for the customer to utilize the services offered by the CFTC registrant.

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