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    The main advantage associated with leverage is that it can help you boost your profits more than you could with the funds that are currently available in your account. However, leverage is a two-edged sword given that it can also multiply your losses and wipe out your trading funds if you have losing trades. This is why country regulators such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA have implemented laws that limit the amount of leverage offered to retail traders to a maximum of However, professional traders can negotiate for higher leverage levels from their brokers.

    Greed is one of the most common reasons why many Forex traders blow up their accounts and end up in massive debt. According to this rule, it would take over 50 losing trades to blow up your trading account. However, most Forex traders ignore this simple rule and risk way more than they should per trade, which eventually depletes their trading accounts.

    Professional traders know that you should avoid the markets if you are in an unstable mood as you are likely to make mistakes that you would have avoided if you were in the right frame of mind. This means that you should always assess your current emotional state before starting your trading day and it is advisable to cease all trading activities if something emotional happens once you have begun trading.

    For example, it is not advisable to be trading when you are grieving or immediately after a heated argument with a partner as your moods after such events are usually not the best making you prone to making rookie mistakes. You should also take a break from trading after an extended winning, or losing streak in order to ground yourself and shake off the impact of your previous trading results.

    You are likely to be overconfident after a winning streak, while you may attempt to revenge trade after a losing streak, both of these states are likely to make you careless leading to losses. There are tens of reasons why Forex trading could put you in debt and the above list is not exhaustive.

    However, the best way to avoid going into debt is to develop a sound trading plan and to always follow your trading rules without exceptions. Your trading plan should include a proper risk management strategy, a series of checks to ensure you have the right mindset, and should have an edge that could make you a winning trader over the long-term.

    Also, remember that many FX brokers , especially the European ones, now offer negative balance protection, which means that retail traders cannot lose more than the funds they put in a trading account. You should consider this when choosing a broker as it will prevent you from going into debt in case of a massive negative market gap or flash crash.

    If you want to get news of the most recent updates to our guides or anything else related to Forex trading, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Hence, insinuating that your position will stay open until the margin closes it. Loans are a burden because you need to pay the extra money known as interest while there is no such aspect in forex leverage or margin.

    However, you might have to pay the interest known as Swap for overnight positions. It is ominous that even the broker pays interest to you in certain situations. Margin refers to the original balance in your account. This is the money that you get leverage for.

    Simply put, it is used as a security against your loan from the broker. The brokers have varied margins based on the size of trade and the currency. For example, A new currency has a high margin. Losing in forex leverage means losing your money and an empty account with just one swipe of bad luck. Using leverage often makes people complacent and leads them to believe that they can overpower the market.

    Leverage can create an illusion that you hold more control over the market. This situation is even more relevant when you have gone through a significant loss. This situation also occurs when a person becomes too consumed with the idea of power after a winning streak. Hence, you should be very careful before any new position and avoid including emotions in the same. Fore allows you to trade in higher volumes.

    For example, a stock trader gets leverage while forex provides the alternative of a leverage too. However, you should not be greedy and consume all the leverage that you can get. While these might tempt you to make high profits, they also lead to massive losses. Furthermore, many countries had to regulate this leverage cap to avoid any such losses. The most recommended leverage amount stands at a ratio and is even lower for beginners.

    If you lose out on a trade, the margin will also be reached rapidly. The amount in your account can fall to zero, and the broker will be left with the alternative for liquidating the account. This also influences the other potentially profitable positions.

    Practicing risk management is the holy grail of avoiding losses in forex leverage trading—the most widely practiced one is stop-loss orders. As the name suggests, a stop-loss order puts a bar on the risks due to forex trading. This entails placing a limit on losses. Hence, once you reach that limit, the broker will stop trading and prevent further losses. Leverage can be beneficial if one is careful while trading with it. However, debt is always an attached aspect of forex leverage as you never know when your account can go in the average balance.

    Hence, you lose more money than you invested, and now you need to pay the negative balance to the broker. Privacy Policy. Table of Contents. Author Recent Posts. Trader since Currently work for several prop trading companies. Latest posts by Fxigor see all. MACD vs. Does Index Fund Compound? Related posts: What is Leverage Meaning? Trade gold and silver.

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