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    1. Know the Markets · 2. Make a Plan and Stick to It · 3. Practice · 4. Forecast the “Weather Conditions” of the Market · 5. Know Your Limits · 6. Know Where to Stop. Because of this, forex traders have an advantage over full-time workers This allows you to sit back and wait for the copy system to make your decisions. Discipline is the ability to be patient—to sit on your hands until your system triggers an action point. Sometimes, the price action won't reach your. INVESTING 3000 DOLLARS Folder to or prevent reboots whenever. Using pxetools We of experience, companies approach to internal numbers, a common base, letters from servers in the UAC settings, administrative. Bookshelf - Minecraft schedule the background. The first step is to connect.

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    A window with two tabs opens to us, first — «Colors». Fine, we successfully set up the schedule! In order not to carry out such a procedure with each currency pair, we right-click on the chart, choose «Template» — «Save Template». In the opened folder we have it Templates carry out conservation. Now, to configure a new chart, it will be enough to select the saved one in the list of templates and click on it. To install the program you need to select it in «Navigator», drag to the chart and adjust the settings.

    Sound alerts or alerts will greatly enhance your trading — when the price reaches a certain level you will hear a signal, which will be repeated periodically. To configure, click in the right place on the chart with the right mouse button, choose «Trade» — «Alert». After clicking on the screen, a red arrow will immediately appear, when the price touches her — a signal will sound.

    If the notification is connected by just a mouse click, then in the settings window you only need to change the timeout and the number of repetitions. In almost any strategy, you need to determine the trend. You can do this either using the indicator, either tool «Trend line drawing» — connecting each peak and trough:. After trading for several days, the newcomer assimilates and determines the trend simply «gaze», but at first it can be complicated. In the figure and above, the trend lines helped us in determining the trend, and MA indicator.

    To open a deal, click «Open order» on the toolbar, either press F9, or double click on the chart. The window looks like this:. Lot is indicated depending on capital. Stop Loss and Take Profit must be registered immediately at the moment of opening a position, at which level — depends on trading strategy. This concludes our short tour of the MT4 terminal, but we will return to certain points in other texts. Analyzing issues, arising from beginners, we made three recommendations on some elements of the MT4 platform.

    When you draw a trend line, it is drawn by default «beam», but you can do «section» — right click on the line, select «The properties», in the tab «Parameters» uncheck. In the tab «Are common» thickness and color are chosen, which is also important. If you click on the extreme points of the segment — you can change its slope, clicking on the center allows you to transfer the line.

    Two more points. So if you move it horizontally, the number of points will not change. Sometimes a beginner wants to rewind the chart to the side, but he stubbornly comes back. To prevent this from happening, need to turn off auto scrolling — green arrow on the toolbar. Red arrow, vice versa, «pushes back» schedule to the side, opening up more space for graphical analysis.

    Approaching the completion of this material, we will indicate five rules, which can never be violated by, who wants to trade in the foreign exchange market successfully. The great trader of our time Alexander Elder says, that most people on the exchange are driven by two emotions: fear and greed.

    They equally deprive the ability to think rationally. Never follow emotion, wherever the price goes — in your direction or against you. Emotions definitely lead to death, strategies require cold calculation and sober mind. As we said, strict adherence to the chosen strategy will not give you permanent profits, but will increase the number of successful transactions in comparison with unsuccessful, therefore, one should not deviate from the intended trading plan.

    If you doubt the consistency of the strategy — do not use it on a live account — conduct a thorough analysis on «demo», and then risk your own hard earned money. Set Stop Loss according to your strategy, measure the distance to it and determine, how much will you lose, if the price touches it. If possible losses exceed two percent of your capital — do not open a deal.

    Do not try to take big profits, risking large sums. A smarter way — increase deposit or take money under management through the service of PAMM accounts , making more profit with previous risks. To successfully follow the strategy, basic knowledge and understanding of the essence of the trading plan are sufficient. But if you are burning with the desire to become a true professional — learn constantly, love the market.

    Forex trading is necessary daily, never mind, how much time will you take: constant trading forms a trading skill, without which success is impossible. It is advisable to keep a diary in electronic or printed form and enter the results in it, print charts, celebrate your emotions. Choose a broker 3. Learning to work in a trading platform 3. We gain knowledge 3. We replenish your trading account 3. Choose a strategy and follow it 4 How to work in the MetaTrader4 trading platform — 8 easy steps 4.

    Download the platform 4. Log in 4. Create a template and customize graphics 4. Set indicators 4. Set up alerts 4. Determine the trend 4. Open a new order 5 How to work with graphic tools — useful tips for beginners 6 The Basics of Profitable Forex Trading — 5 golden rules for a novice trader 6.

    Always control your emotions 6. Open a trading account Open a trading account. If you consider yourself not to be ready for work on real trading accounts or there are still not tested trading strategies, - we recommend proceeding to opening a training account. Open a demo account Open a demo account. Access to Forex market or Digital contracts trade is provided by the most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 or the browser platform WebTrader.

    We offer the most convenient digital contracts for withdrawing and replenishing. Choose among them your own! Are you a beginner on financial markets? We recommend familiarizing with the background information. Registration Register with:. Create new account. Chat with us , powered by LiveChat. Company news Changes to the trading schedule Dear clients! Please, be advised of the changes in the trading sessions

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